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Seattle Brewery Walking Tours will close at the end of December 2022

Owner and tour guide Tim Lorang will be moving to Europe.
In the next year watch for my podcast: A Story in Every Glass

Timothy Lorang

Ales, the Oldest Beer Style (Beer Tours new)

By Timothy Lorang December 1, 2021

If you walk into a Microbrewery in the Pacific Northwest and ask for a beer, nine times out of ten..

I can’t think of anything more exciting: The 2021 Seattle Spring Beers

By Timothy Lorang April 8, 2021

Strictly speaking, there is no hard and fast calendar for releasing specific beer styles...

How to Order a Beer Flight like an Expert

By Timothy Lorang March 31, 2021

If you are going on a Northwest Beer Lover’s Staycation you may want to try as many beers as..

Pacific Northwest Beer Lover’s Staycation

By Timothy Lorang March 31, 2021

During the tail end of our Covid-19 pandemic there are a lot of benefits of a Staycation. No..

Brewery Tour Guidelines During the Covid-19 Epidemic

By Timothy Lorang June 7, 2020

As of June 5th King County, and the breweries in Seattle will begin to open up. The guidelines can..

Brewery Tours Using our Virtual Tour App

By Timothy Lorang May 26, 2020

One of the best things about running a brewery tour and conducting beer tastings is meeting a bunch..

Evaluating Your Virtual Tasting like a Beer Judge

By Timothy Lorang April 13, 2020

Usually when we are tasting beers on our brewery tours the goal is to experience the wonderful..

Pro Tips for Serving the Beer for your Virtual Beer Tasting

By Timothy Lorang April 13, 2020

When you visit a brewery, pub or bar you expect the server to present the beer in a clean glass at..

Organize Your Virtual Beer Tasting Flights Like A Pro

By Timothy Lorang April 13, 2020

When I lead tours to our local Seattle breweries, picking the beers for our tasting flights was..

Conducting a Beer Tasting During the Coronavirus Lockdown

By Timothy Lorang April 13, 2020

One of the most enjoyable parts of leading a brewery tour was bringing a group of people into one..

Walking Tour Company of the Year 2018 and 2019

By Timothy Lorang March 25, 2018

Two years running Seattle Brewery Walking Tours has been awarded the Walking Tour Company of the..

Lager, the Most Popular Style in America

By Timothy Lorang May 16, 2017

There has always been a lot of discussion around the subject of what exactly is a lager beer. Since..

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