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Seattle Brewery Walking Tours will close at the end of December 2022

Owner and tour guide Tim Lorang will be moving to Europe.
In the next year watch for my podcast: A Story in Every Glass

Private Tours & Large Groups

Private tours are no longer available. 

Private, Corporate and Large Groups Tours

There is a story in every glass

Join a trained Cicerone on a tour of the craft breweries of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. There is a story in every glass, and you will hear the stories behind the different styles of beer and how the Pacific Northwest became the center of the Craft Beer Renaissance and why the Ballard Brewing District has the highest concentration of craft breweries in the world.

We will visit two to three breweries and do a guided beer tasting where we will learn about how to enjoy a beer, beer styles, beer history, and the brewing process. At each brewery we will sample four to six, 4-5oz beers for a total of 12 beers.

Private tours are limited to your group and are more flexible in the start times, length of the tour and the breweries we visit. We have set tours, but with the private tour you can customize it to your needs.

Tours of more than 8 people are not feasible on Saturday afternoons. There may be some other location and time restrictions depending on the group size and day of the week.

Besides the beers each participant will receive a gift bag with:

  • Souvenir Tasting Glass
  • Beer and Food Pairing Guide
  • Beer tasting score sheet
  • Souvenir bottle opener
  • A map of the neighborhood with other brewery locations

Private Brewery Tour Prices

These prices include all the beers, gift bags and gratuity for taproom staff.
Gratuity for tour guide is not included.

  • 1 Adult private tour: $150.00
  • 2 Adults Private tour: $220.00
  • 3 Adults Private tour: $290.00
  • 4 Adults Private tour: $360.00
  • 5 Adults Private tour: $430.00
  • 6 Adults Private tour: $520.00
  • 7 Adults Private tour: $600.00
  • 8 Adults Private tour: $690.00
  • 9 Adults Private tour: $770.00
  • 10 Adults Private tour: $810.00
  • 11 Adults Private tour: $900.00
  • 12 Adults Private tour: $980.00
  • 13 Adults Private tour: $1,060.00
  • 14 Adults Private tour: $1,140.00
  • 15 Adults Private tour: $1,220.00
  • 16 Adults Private tour: $1,300.00
  • 17 Adults Private tour: $1,380.00
  • 18 Adults Private tour: $1,460.00
  • 19 Adults Private tour: $1,540.00
  • 20 Adults Private tour: $1,620.00


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