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Lucky Envelope Brewing


907 NW 50th St.
Seattle, WA 98119

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Lucky Envelope Brewing

Good luck, prosperity and great beer

When owners Barry Chan and Raymond Kwan realized that their future was in beer and not corporate financing or engineering they started a new adventure and enterprise. In Chinese culture, whenever anyone passed one of life's milestones, such as a graduation or a wedding, or embarked on a new career they received a red envelope from their elders filled with cash. Red wards off evil spirits and brings good health and the money heralds prosperity. A Lucky Envelope seemed like a natural symbol of their new initiative. I think beer lovers are the beneficiaries of this Lucky Envelope and their award winning beers.

It seems that honoring traditions, such as the traditions of brewing are important to Barry and Raymond and the brewers at Lucky Envelope. Working with local ingredients and traditional styles they brew some very good beers. For example the Six Week Series lagers go the extra mile, or in this case the extra weeks, to brew a lager in the German tradition. It generally take two to four weeks to brew a lager. Tradition calls for a longer secondary fermentation, or lagering, and Lucky Envelope's brewers take the extra time to brew their signature Pilsner and Helles Lager. This extra care is appreciated, especially while enjoying a lager on their outdoor patio after walking through Ballard on a sunny afternoon. 

Lucky Envelope brews styles for all tastes and seasons. You will always find a few IPA's on tap including their signature ENIAC IPA. Yes, it is an IPA brewed in honor of the first all electric computer built at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. What can I say? There are a lot of beer loving nerds in Seattle. In the summer you'll find the ENIAC IPA brewed with grapefruit or a Belgian style Raspberry Sour. If you are looking for something a bit more daring try the Two Pepper Pale Ale, a smooth beer with a little bite at the end. Perfect with a taco or a hot dog from the food truck.

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