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Bad-Jimmy's Brewing Co.

Bad Jimmy's Brewing Co.

There is nothing bad about Jimmy's beers, just intense. The owners are passionate about beer and brewing and you can be certain there will always be something creative, interesting and a bit daring on tap. It is also has the best collection of pinball machines of any brewery in Seattle. There are no food trucks or kitchen but there are three excellent restaurants right next door. Order "to go" and enjoy your food and Jimmy's intense ales on their covered patio. Learn more....

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Hale's Ales Brewery and Pub

Mike Hale was one of the original Washington micro-brewers way back in 1983. When he built this brewery and pub between Ballard and Fremont in 1995, Mike was dedicated to brewing a world class beer using sustainable methods. The brewery boasts cutting edge hybrid solar water heating technology and all of his ingredients, both for the brewery and restaurant, are sourced locally. Hale lives up to his motto to "Think Globally, Drink Locally." Learn more....

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Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Founded in 1993 in Petaluma, CA Lagunitas knew that if they were going to "walk the talk" they would have to win over the local beer drinkers in Ballard. Their new Taproom and Beer Sanctuary is a great place to try their standard beers and try something that is only available right here in Ballard. Learn more....

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Lucky Envelope Brewing

Tucked between the old craftsman homes and industrial warehouses that make up this working class corner of Ballard, you may find a group of people enjoying an award winning Helles Lager or a hot Two Pepper Pale Ale, that is two peppers as in shishito and habanero peppers. When you find them, pull up a seat because this is the Lucky Envelope and you are in for a treat. Learn more...

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Maritime-Pacific-Brewing Co

Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.

Ballard has a long maritime history and that tradition is honored at the Jolly Roger taproom and pub in Ballard. You do not need to be a pirate to enjoy a Maritime beer. but you may start thinking of joining Black Beard and Jack Sparrow after tasting a few brews in the pirate themed taproom. Arrgh.... there is even a treasure map painted right on the floor. Although the real treasure is behind the bar.Learn more...

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NW Peaks Brewery

The Bergschrund is the Ballard taproom for NW Peaks Brewery. Mountaineers know a Bergschrund, or 'schrund for short, is a crevasse formed in glacial ice and a serious obstacle. The 'schrund in Ballard is no obstacle for serious beer lovers and mountaineers alike.  Learn more......

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Obec Brewing

Beer builds friendships, and friendships build communities, and nothing exemplifies that more than Obec Brewing. Obec a Czech word for community and the taproom is an extension of their home and their community. Cozy couches, communal tables and amazing beers.  Obec is known for its Czech inspired beers but you will always find great examples of IPAs, porters, English Ales and Belgian beers on tap and ready to enjoy.  Learn more...

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Peddler Brewing Co.

Owners Haley and Dave Keller have two loves, besides each other, bicycles and beer. They are literally peddlers who started their own brewery. Peddler features 12 taps, a tasting room, a large beer garden with a large tent, lots of picnic tables, awesome food trucks and lots of bike racks. While you are there check out the wall of broken bikes, rest your weary legs and enjoy a Tangerine Hefeweizen. Learn more...

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Populuxe Brewing

According to my sources, Populuxe is the most family friendly brewery in Seattle. There is plenty of room for the kids, and their dogs, to run around and play games. There is a cornhole court and plenty of picnic tables for the entire family. For those of us enjoying their excellent beers there is a covered and heated patio with two fire pits, where we can sit back and enjoy the fun.Learn more...

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Reuben's Brews

Reuben's is one of those family run breweries that have become part of the fabric of Ballard. Apparently owner and brew master Adam Robbings got hooked on brewing after Reuben, his one month old son, gave him a home brew kit as a present. I'm thinking the same thing but kids are smarter these days. Now the entire family is brewing award winning beers and all you need to do is stop by and try one or two. Learn more....

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Stoup Brewing

If ever an example was needed, Stoup Brewing is the art and science of beer.  The brewers, Brad and Robyn, were actually scientists before they started brewing and their partner Lara was a lover of all things gusto, from great food to a great pour. As a team they are making some great beer in a great little brewery with an open taproom and spacious beer garden.  Learn more...

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Urban-Family logo

Urban Family Public House & Brewing Co.

Nestled on the north edge of Magnolia, between the train tracks and the ship canal, is a microbrewery inspired by the small breweries of France and Belgium.  The inspiration does not stop with the decor. Urban Family specializes in that hard to categorize category of Belgian Ales with a distinctly Northwest twist. Where else would you find a Sour Ale packed with Blackberries or a Breakfast Stout infused with Sumatran coffee? Learn More...

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Figurehead Brewing Co.

A neighborhood brew pub where you'll find fishermen and dockworkers, cyclists and families out for an afternoon stroll enjoying some great old style British and Belgian beers and ales. Drop in for a pint or two and say hi.
Learn more.....

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Rooftop Brewing Co.

They say location is everything and Rooftop Brew Co. is a great location that overlooks the Lake Washington Ship Canal at the south end of the Ballard Bridge. Enjoy a Blood Orange Wheat Beer or a Stargazer IPA with a foodtruck burger, al fresco, from their rooftop patio.  Learn more...

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Lowercase Brewing Logo

Lowercase Brewery

Located just around the corner from Georgetown’s historic old City Hall, is Lowercase Brewing. Their philosophy is simplicity. They start by keeping the ingredients simple by using locally sourced malts from Skagit Valley Malting and Northwest hops. Their menu reflects classic styles designed to appeal to every preference with a large cross section of light, hoppy, dark and malty beers.They don’t want to be a laboratory or science lab; they just want to make great beers.
Learn More.

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Jellyfish Brewing Company Logo

Jellyfish Brewing Company

If breweries had a family tree, the roots of Jellyfish Brewery's genealogical tree would be deep and wide, with roots in the University District’s Big Time Brewery and Alehouse, one of Seattle’s first craft breweries, and breweries in Denver, Austin and Tuscany, Italy. Nestled among the workshops, mechanical shops and warehouses on a back street, Jellyfish stays true to Georgetown’s working class roots while staying both hip and a little bit funky. 
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Elysian Brewing Logo

Elysian Brewing Taproom

 Elysian was one of the early breweries in Seattle’s Craft Brewing Renaissance. They made a big impact on the local brewing scene and on the national scene with their notorious pumpkin beers, visit in October for the full story, and the galactic Space Dust IPA. In 2017 they added 14,000 square feet to the brewery for their wood-aged barrel beer storage program and added the Elysian Brewing Taproom were we will sample Elysian's award winning beers. 
Learn More. 

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