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Image Media Partners now offering QR Code and Mobile Web Marketing

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Mon, Oct 31, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

QR Code PartnersTimothy Lorang has announced that Image Media Partners has added QRCode Partners to Image Media Partners’ suite of online marketing tools and products. QRCode Partners is a QR Code campaign management and mobile web page platform. Noting the rapid adaption of smartphone technology and interest in QR Codes, Image Media Partners felt QR Codes and mobile web pages were a valuable platform for their clients and customers. To provide this platform Lorang partnered with Brian Raines and Fred Brechbiel of Envidient, Inc to provide the platform and infrastructure for the QR Code and Mobile Web Page Platform. “We look forward to working closely with QRCode Partners in this new venture,” said Fred Brechbiel of Envidient. “We are extremely pleased to have the endorsement of one of the industry’s foremost experts on effective use of QR codes.” Rather than a simple QRCode generator, Envidient and QRCode Partners provide a platform to build a mobile webpage or mobile landing page for your QR Code and gives you the means to manage and update the mobile page.

“I looked at a lot of QR Code generators and I knew that I needed a tool that did more than just make a QR Code from a URL,” Lorang said about choosing Envidient’s platform. “One of the main rules of Inbound Marketing is that every call-to-action, in this case a QR Code, needs to go to a valuable landing page. When you use a QR Code that landing page needs to be a mobile web page. Envidient’s solution was simple and elegant.” Lorang pointed out that the simple interface makes it easy to build custom mobile web pages that can fulfill a number of functions such as link to other URLs, play videos or slideshows, click-to-call phone buttons, coupons, Google map links, simple contact forms and much more. The mobile web pages are dynamic which means they can be updated and edited without changing the QR Code. It is even possible to customize the QR Code with a logo or colors. Some of the other benefits include: a cloud based infrastructure so the mobile webpages are always available; real time usage reporting including timestamps and geo-location data; the mobile webpages work on all mobile devices; and no proprietary QR Code Scanner apps are required.

Lorang pointed out that the QRCode Partners Platform will be available to Image Media Partners’ clients and that the platform is also available to anyone wishing to open a free or professional account. “The process of generating a QR Code and building a mobile web page is quite simple,” Lorang said. “I would encourage everyone to try out the free platform. There are also a number of tiered professional platforms to accommodate any size business or QR Code marketing campaign.” Information and pricing can be found on the QRCode Partners web page.

For those who want to get started with QRCode marketing but do not have the time or inclination to build their own mobile web page campaign Image Media Partners is providing Mobile Website Services for this platform. This is an ideal solution for a small business or nonprofit that only needs a few QR Codes but wants to keep the mobile landing pages fresh and up to date. Image Media Partners can build the mobile website and upload videos and slides as well as coupons and logos. For pricing and descriptions visit the Mobile Website Services and Prices page. Visit the website for examples of Mobile Web Pages and QR Code Campaigns

For more information contact Timothy Lorang at or call 206-201-2517.

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