Are QR Codes still relevant?

At one point QR Codes seemed like the newest big thing. Image Media Partners invested a lot of resources and time into QR Codes. While QR Codes still work and they are a handy resource I decided to drop services dedicated to QR Codes here at TLC. QR Codes can still be a useful tool and I would recomend in many instances. If you would like more information please contact me. 

Below are some handy links to other resources and information concerning QR Codes.  You can still download our QR Code Check List and Fact Sheet.


QR Code Generators: Free Services

  1. BeQRious: A simple QR code generator for basic information. They also have a paid service.
  2. After you have shortened a ULR simply add .qr to the end and will create a QR Code that points to the URL.
  3. Kaywa QR-Code: This is a basic QR-Code Generator. Put in your URL, text, phone number or SMS (short message service) text and click the “Generate” button.
  4. linkblots: Using their interface you can generate a mobile web page that has your logo, e-mail and address with buttons that will dial the phone, “like” your Facebook page, Tweet the QR-Code, play a video or a slide show and link to a web page. A paid account will give you more services.
  5. Littleidiot: A free and simple QR Code generator.
  6. QR code generator Lite: a simple, but effective QR Code generator. 
  7. Snap my info: Set up an account with all of your contact information and get a QR-Code that should trigger the e-mail function in your smart phone. Simply e-mail the link then Snap my info will send you a .cvs file that you can import into your address book.
  8. Zebra Crossing: A simple open source QR code generator and reader from the ZXing Project.
  9. φ² Mobile App: Foursquare check-in QR Code Generator.


QR Code Generators: Paid Services

  1. BeQRious Tracker: Paid version includes QR code creator and analytics.
  2. LikeScan: Instant Product Knowledge is still in beta but it looks like its plan is to be a paid service. But you can sign up for it now for free.
  3. linkblots: UThe paid account builds on their basic free account giving you more options and bandwidth.
  4. QR4: Based in Europe this company specializes in high quality vector QRCode graphics and the ability to batch produce a large number of codes.
  5. The Wine Web: Mobile Website/Mobile Phone Web App for wineries already using the company’s web services.
  6. a French QR Code service company.


QR Code Resources, Blogs, Studies and Data

  1. Connecting QR Codes with Consumers: HubSpot eBook on how to use QR Codes.
  2. Design QR Codes and Higher Education: Andrew Gossen: Incorporating design into higher education QR Codes.
  3. Everything a Marketer Should Know About QR Codes HubSpot Blog by Drew Fortin about the basic of QR Code marketing.
  4. 50–Count ‘Em, 50!–Creative Uses of QR Codes: Blog by flyte: Web Marketing strategies for Small Business.
  5. 5 Useful Ecommerce Applications of QR Codes: Useful HubSpot Blog on QR Codes and eCommerce.
  6. 14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011: Study of who is scanning QR Codes published August 12, 2011 by ComScore.
  7. George Colony on QR Codes: Interesting video with bad audio by Forrester Research founder and CEO.
  8. In EU5, More Than Half of QR Codes Are Scanned While at Home: Study of QR Code use in Europe by ComScore.
  9. MC Marketing Charts: Charts and statistics on QR Codes and smartphones.
  10. New Security Threat: Infected QR Codes: An article from about cyberthieves in Russia that put malware in an app downloaded from a QR Code.
  11. QR Code Cooking It Up: Blog from BeQRious about huge French fast-food outlets, La Croissanterie’s QR Code loyalty program.
  12. Scanapalooza: QR Codes: Infografic based on research from lab42.
  13. Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Like It: Erick Schonfeld’s blog on Tech Crunch.
  14. The Three Rules of QR Codes: Blog from 2d code about some basic rules of QR Codes and mobile marketing.
  15. What Business Card? Just Scan My QR Code Article in Fast Company by Gina Trapani.
  16. Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? Infographic from Mashable and Jump Scan.