Video Production Guides
Produced at University of Washington

When I worked at the University of Washington he wrote and produced a number of video programs about video production techniques, best practices and guidelines on a number of topics including working with talent, copyright and basic production.

These videos were written and produced by Timothy J. Lorang for UWTV Productions. 


The TV Wasteland Zone
It has often been said that television is a vast wasteland. It may be because the average channel surfer doesn't know who's talking. See how graphics, audio and lighting will make your televised lecture much more interesting in "The TV Wasteland Zone." (Runtime — 6:04)


The Convergence Zone
The convergence of television and computing will change the way we get information, if the Television Director and the Networking Engineer don't kill each other first. See what happens when television isn't video and computing isn't data in "The Convergence Zone". (Runtime — 7:58)

The Videoconference Zone

Videoconferencing is becoming more common for both educators and business professionals. Learn about some common videoconferencing pitfalls and how to avoid them. Recommended for anyone asked to be in a videoconference. (Runtime — 7:24)

The Talent Zone

Anyone who has ever given a televised lecture or appeared on a television interview show knows that it is not as easy as it looks. "The Talent Zone" shows why this can be so stressful and what the lecturer or expert "talent" can do to make their show business career a little less stressful. (Runtime — 8:10)

The Copyright Court

Whenever educators are using media in the classroom or producing their own content, the issue of Copyright comes up. Just what is Fair Use, and who does it apply to? Who needs to sign the Talent Release Form, and who cares about Copyright Clearances? These and other Copyright issues are covered in "The Copyright Court." (Runtime — 13:41)