• "Let me first say that Tim Lorang is the best of the best. A one man show. A Jack of all trades and a master of many. I have worked with Tim for many years now, not just for my law practice, but for several other businesses with which I am involved. Tim steps up and never steps down.  He initially provided advice and assistance on how to get started, and I mean from the beginning. He wonderfully fulfilled that role, so then I brought him in build websites. Done and done beautifully. Next I reached out for SEO help. Again, done. Then some blog assistance, maybe some photos, and a little writing? Done.  Tim has years of experience in videography and so he created amazing video content for the sites along with artistic writing content. He started writing, doing our blogs, newsletters and email blasts, then content update, marketing, sales monitoring, email monitoring, website management, customer communication and support....and the list goes on.  Tim has the background and experience to fill every unique niche that needs filling. Tim is relentless in his pursuit of perfection, he is untiringly devoted to every project and is the best investment any company could make no matter what your size. Obviously, I am a very satisfied client."
    Tracy M Heims
    Attorney, CEO
    Apex Juris
    A-Rise Pipe Support
    Power Support International

  • "Tim Lorang is the person you want to work with to get things done. His years of experience with media including video, editorial, website, social media, and all the stuff it takes between the lines really shines through with every project. Tim understands the art of language, optimization, media quality, presentation, and campaigning so everything looks its best in the business. We’ve been working with Tim for many years, and use a fluid approach of setting long term goals and then honing in with monthly tasks. Team work and frequent communication is a big part of our success. We also rely on Tim as our IT emergency help and he is on the spot when things happen. Definitely a smart investment."
    Sara WilliamsLet's Go Aero Logo
    Let's Go Areo, Inc.


  • "I have known Tim for  many years and he has always been professional, innovative and friendly.  If you need guidance and results for your web site or other digital marketing needs, Tim can make it happen,  on time and within budget.  He is knowledgeable and skilled in the latest technology and actually listens to your requests to find the best solutions for your business."
    Pauline Stieff
    P.S. Pulications and P.S. Goodnight  (Writing and Pet Sitting services)

  • "Image Media Partners is imaginative and adaptive.  Tim and Nate are applying their knowledge of on-line media and social networking to fit the ambitious goals and resource constraints of the ASU College of Public Programs."
    Debra Friedman
    University Vice President and Dean,
    College of Public Programs, Arizona State University

  • “Tim is big-picture oriented, measured, mature, and really knows how to manage relationships. He likes to understand all the facets of a problem in the service of responsible decision-making. He knows the television and video world inside and out, from old-style broadcasting to the latest in streaming technology. As Director of Membership for ResearchChannel, his personable approach to creating buy-in helped us expand our partner base. As a stakeholder in a complicated and far-reaching metrics project I led, his depth and breadth of knowledge helped us garner valuable results.”
    Yonah Karp, Web Metrics Analyst,
    University of Washington

  • “Tim is a skilled manager with decades of television and video production experience. He has weathered many storms in our industry, a testament to the critical role he frequently plays. I'm fortunate to have worked with him!”
    Ed McNichol,
    Post-Production Supervisor,
    University of Washington
    Mumbian Enterprises, Inc.

  • “Nate’s breadth of technical knowledge combined with an enduringly positive attitude and professional approach to the challenges at hand would be an invaluable asset to any project.”
    Andre Tan
    Lead Web Architect/Developer,
    Technical Project Manager
    BluLine Solutions