Legacy Resources, eBooks, Presentations and Videos

I have been involved in a number of presentations, projects and video productions over the years. This section presents some of the material I produced for Image Media Partners and the University of Washington that you can view, download or use. If you would like more information about what I can do for you or if you have any questions please contact me.

Download eBooks on Inbound Marketing

Downloadable eBooks written and published by Image Media Partners on inbound marketing, website design, online video, social media and google. Most of this material is still relevant but because of the fast paced nature of the internet and online marketing some of the details about many of of the tools may have changed. Click the link below to directly download the eBook or visit our eBook page for more information.

QR Code Resources 

A list of free and paid services and resources as well as blogs, eBooks and websites. 

10 Worthwhile Things To Do With Video

In February of 2010 I spoke at the CASE VIII Conference in Portland, Oregon. This group represents public relations and development groups in higher education. You can see the original Prezi presentation complete with videos or download the pdf with summaries and links to the videos.

Production Tips: Recording the One Camera Lecture

This is the first in a series of short videos outlining basic production tips. The first program is how to shoot or video tape a lecture with only one camera and makes it look like you used 3 cameras or more. This will not only make your programs look more professional without costing more but will be easier for your audience to watch.

University of Washington Videos

When I worked at the University of Washington I wrote and produced a number of video programs about video production techniques, best practices and guidelines on a number of topics including working with talent, copyright and basic production.

Some of these videos were produced before High Definition (HD) television was common, but the concepts and the information is still relevant.