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Marketing Analytics can Improve your Return on Investment

There are a number of marketing analytics tools available today, but it seems like very few of them actually give you insight into what is driving your leads decisions and what you can do to improve your marketing and increase conversions.

Tie Your Page Views
Back to Real People

Most analytics systems are anonymous and, even if they can give you lots of data -- page views, browser-types, time-on-site, location -- they fail to tie that data back to what’s really important; prospects and leads. That is the main reason Image Media Partners is a certified HubSpot Partner. HubSpot’s marketing analytics package bridges the gap between your contacts and your online tracking, allowing you to associate an individual lead with an otherwise anonymous “vistor,” giving you powerful marketing and sales reports.

See Your Entire Funnel from Visit, to Lead, to Customer and Calculate ROI (Closed Loop Reporting)

HubSpot’s marketing analytics lets you understand your funnel the way you’ve always wanted to. The combined powers of HubSpot’s website analytics and marketing database allow you to understand exactly where your visitors leads and customers are coming from. What used to require hours of data manipulation and Excel wizardry is taken care automatically with HubSpot’s sources report.

Start Making Decisions with
Easy to Use, Actionable Reports

No formulas or pivot tables required (but you can still have them if you want). HubSpot’s marketing analytics package is designed for marketers, so we’ve built in all the essential reports, no extra configuration required.

Start Working with the
Image Media-HubSpot Team

Image Media Partners is a certified, HubSpot trained partner. We understand how to optimize, implement and integrate HubSpot into your website and online marketing plan. We can help you get results right away on a proven and reliable platform designed to improve your online ROI.

You can find out more details about inbound marketing in these sections:

SERVICE PLANS AND PRICING: Find a solution that best fits your needs and budget. Every business is unique so contact us for a free website evaluation and needs assessment.

INBOUND MARKETING PROCESS: Find out more about how inbound marketing works and how it can help your online marketing plan.

BENEFITS OF INBOUND MARKETING: No marketing plan makes sense without a positive return on your investment. Learn more about the benefits of inbound marketing.

MARKETING ANALYTICS: Measure the success of every marketing campaign with built in analytics and reports.

HubSpot's Closed Loop Marketing Analytics

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