A Social Media marketing strategy is a big part of any inbound or online marketing program and it is one of the key elements in getting your website found. Everyone is familiar with the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but not every social media platform is meant for every organization. Image Media Partners approaches social media marketing as a tool to achieve your marketing goals and not as an end in itself. Social Media Marketing and social media management is a part of our inbound marketing service packages and will be customized for your business. We can also provide social media consulting and offer solutions tailored to clients who need help just with social media. Some of the services we can provide:

      • Twitter is a converstationEvaluate current social media marketing efforts
      • Prepare social media marketing strategy and plan
      • Evaluate and recommend effective social media platforms for your business
      • Recommend staffing levels and requirements for social media
      • Provide social media best practices and procedures
      • Set-up social media accounts for your organization
      • Manage and monitor your social media accounts on a monthly basis
      • Provide ongoing social media support
      • Hootsuite Professional Solutions

Each business and organization is unique. Contact us for a free evaluation of your Inbound Marketing and Social Media needs and help us plan a solution that will meet your needs and budget. 

The Power of Sharing

Social media is about connecting people and sharing information. The video tells a story of how sharing a single update can spark a larger conversation -- between a student, a baker and bank. It also highlights how HootSuite can help you streamline your social media efforts.