What do you know about QR Codes?

Growth of QR Codes has been dramatic:

QR Code scanning grew by 1200% in the second half of 2010. As more and more companies use QR Codes and more consumers become aware this figure continues to grow. (source: Mobio)

QR Code Scanning Growth

Awareness of QR Codes is Growing:



describe the imageAlmost half of the population with a smart phone has used a QR Code. This will continue to rise as knowledge of QR Codes becomes more wide spread. . (source: MGH Modern Marketing)

Have you used a QR Code

Coupons and Information:

For those using QR Codes 87% would use them to get a coupon or a deal while 63% would use them to get more information and 60% would use them to make a purchase. (source: MGH Modern Marketing)


Why would you use a QR Code?

Frequent Social Networkers Own Smartphones:


About 35% of the population currently own smart phones capable of scanning a QR Code, market penetration is expected to pass 50% by 2012. 91% of Frequent Social Networkers, those who are connected and participate on line multiple times a day, own a smartphone. (Source: Edison/Arbitron)  

Frequent Social Networkers us Smartphones

Age Demographic:


describe the image25% of QR scanners are from individuals in the 35-44 year age range but steady adoption is seen in all age groups. Women account for 64% of all scanners. (Source: Mobio)


Age of QR Scanners

 How QR Codes Work