Inbound marketing is powered by content and community. In order to grow smarter and faster, organizations must maintain powerful and informative websites, participate in social media and continually publish great content through blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, optimized press releases, case studies, white papers, eBooks and articles. Inbound marketing gives underdogs and innovators the ability to grow faster and smarter by outthinking, not outspending, the competition.

Our service packages are designed to meet your inbound marketing needs and budget. The different service packages are starting points to build your successful marketing campaign. For example, your organization my already have someone who handles blogging. After insuring that your blogger is working within the Inbound Marketing framework Image Media Partners can concentrate on other aspects of your marketing plan. Image Media Partners will work with your organization to customize a service package that fits your business goals and budgets.

Pricing Packages

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This is the perfect package for a small business, startup or nonprofit with a brand new website. Start attracting traffic and clients right away and track your success with built in analytics. When you build the website on the HubSpot platform best practices for inbound marketing are built into the system. We can build a custom package to meet your needs.


This package is meant for small to medium sized businesses that want to get started with inbound marketing in an affordable way. This package is best suited for businesses concentrating on a specific product or service. Build a solution that meets your immediate marketing goals and business goals.


Larger businesses often concentrate on multiple marketing goals and the enterprise package gives these organizations the most options for building traffic and converting customers.

Core Features

These packages are designed for businesses committed to growing through inbound marketing, with a dominant focus on getting found through SEO, content creation such as blogs and eBooks, and social media promotion; converting leads with landing pages, e-mail nurturing, and engagement; and analysing results for best practices and making adjustments for continued success.

Core features of our inbound marketing service packages include:

      • The Foundation: Define and differentiate your brand, and deploy a content-driven website that serves as the foundation of your entire campaign.
      • Inbound Marketing Game Plan: Put the campaign strategy in place, and shift budgets and resources to more effective and measurable inbound marketing activities.
      • Service Hours: Allocate service hours each month based on your evolving needs and campaign performance. Basic service hour blocks are used for training and education, brand consulting, website support, search marketing, social media management i.e. Facebook and Twitter, and general strategy.
      • Blog Posts: New content, blogs and internally generated content ensures your website stays fresh and relevant to visitors and search engines. Image Media Partners can work with you on a content generation strategy that ranges from helping develop blog content that you generate up through writing blogs from information you provide.
      • Campaign Management: There are no additional charges for client meetings and communications, daily monitoring of social media and website analytics through a blend of free and paid tools, and weekly activity summaries.
      • HubSpot Management: As a certified HubSpot Partner we can monitor and analyze your HubSpot account, including: website traffic trends, keyword performance, lead nurturing and social media. HubSpot Management is required to run the service packages and a separate license with HubSpot is required. HubSpot has multiple platform packages designed to fit any size organization and requirements priced from $2,400 annually and up. See HubSpot Versions & Pricing.
      • Training and Access: For those organizations that wish to be more involved in their marketing efforts training for inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform are available.
      • Monthly Campaign Reports: Adapt your strategy monthly with campaign reports that include full updates on all activities, results and recommended action plans.
      • Quarterly Reviews: Conduct complete campaign reviews with quarterly strategy sessions.
      • Additional Discounted Services: At times more services may be necessary than what is covered in the service packages. For example the creation of special content, newsletters, press releases or special marketing campaigns may be beneficial. Save with 5 hour add-on blocks of time at $450 as opposed to $600 for non-contract project-based clients.

You can find out more details about inbound marketing in these sections:

SERVICE PLANS AND PRICING: Find a solution that best fits your needs and budget. Every business is unique so contact us for a free website evaluation and needs assessment.

INBOUND MARKETING PROCESS: Find out more about how inbound marketing works and how it can help your online marketing plan.

BENEFITS OF INBOUND MARKETING: No marketing plan makes sense without a positive return on your investment. Learn more about the benefits of inbound marketing.

MARKETING ANALYTICS: Measure the success of every marketing campaign with built in analytics and reports.