Google Adwords

The concepts of inbound marketing are perfectly suited for Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns. Like inbound marketing pay-per-click depends upon proper keyword research, relevant content marketing, and landing pages. In fact much of the work done to prepare for a Google AdWords paid search campaign is very similar to a good organic inbound marketing campaign with much quicker results.

Three key benefits of a 
Google AdWords Campaign:


Over 228 million adults in North America (77% of the adult population) use the internet and are increasingly looking for local services online -The Google network reaches over 84% of them


Google AdWords shows ads to prospects who are actively searching for what businesses have to offer

Return on Investment (ROI):

Pay per click model ensures that businesses only pay for qualified leads

As a Google AdWords Engage Partner, Image Media Partners can set-up and manage a Google AdWords campaign as part of an inbound marketing package or as a separate project. If you would like to start a Google AdWords campaign or if you would like Image Media Partners to take over the management of your paid search marketing contact us for a free Google AdWords consultation.