Google AdWords Express

AdWords Express can be the perfect solution for small local businesses who have limited budgets or might not be a good fit for a large AdWords campaign. AdWords Express is designed for small businesses wanting to advertise locally on Google and Google Maps (even businesses without a website), it features a simplified campaign set-up and requires minimal ongoing campaign management. 



 Google AdWords Express has been designed by Google to be quick and easy to set-up, easy to operate and run at a lower monthly budget. Image Media Partners has a number of easy, low cost management solutions that will help you take advantage of this great, low cost advertising tool while our trained Google AdWords team manages your campaign. Schedule a free consultation and see how we can help.

AdWord Express Features

      • Local Business: Designed to work with your Google Places page your ads will show up for any search within 15 miles (25km) of your business. Google calls this proximity targeting and it is one of the biggest benefits of AdWords Express.
      • Google Places: You don’t need to have a web page you can connect your ad to your Google Places listing or your Google+ page. If you don’t have Google Places or Google+ you can set them up for free. If you have a website you can connect your AdWords Express to that too.
      • Automatic Keywords: Google takes the hassle out of keywords by assigning the top performing keywords associated with your category for your Google Places. Do you have more than one category or location? That is not a problem because you can have more than one ad.
      • Search PPC: Just like regular AdWords your ad will show up in search results and you only pay for clicks.
      • Map Search: Your ads will show up in searches on Google Maps making it easy for your customers to find your business.
      • Mobile Search: It doesn’t matter if people are searching on their smartphone, their tablet or on their PC, your ads will show up.
      • Full Ads: Just like regular ads you will have an ad headline, contact information like your phone number and address, a blue map pin on Google Maps and a link to your website, Google Places page or your Google+ page.
      • Set Budget: Google will recommend an optimal budget for your category and location or you can set your own budget. Whatever you do your budget will never exceed in a month what you set and you only pay for clicks.
      • Four Star Ratings: Do the reviews in your Google Places give you a four star rating? Four and five star ratings will automatically show up in your ad.
      • Coupons: Well, you need to put coupons in your Google Places page but you can promote them in your ad.
      • Stats: Just like in Google AdWords you can see all your stats in Google AdWords or in Google Places.