Tim Lorang is now retired and not accepting new clients.


Timothy J Lorang

Marketing & eCommerce Consultant

After working for 30 years in television production and 15 years in webdesign, online marketing and eCommerce, I am retiring. I may be coaxed out for some work, but it will need to be something I really like and you can pay me a lot of money.

In the next year watch for my podcast: A Story in Every Glass.

Image Media Partners is now Tim Lorang Consulting

Image Media Partners is a name that no longer reflected what I was doing. For the past five or six years the company has essentially been
Tim Lorang Productions. The name has changed, and the website has changed, but my goals and services are about the same. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for please let me know.

*portrait photo credit: Anita Nowacka

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Create content that increases web traffic, and converts visitors to customers.



Build an on-line store that can sell to anyone, anywhere.

On-line Video

On-line Video

One of the most effective ways to tell your story and reach your audience.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is now an essential tool for any on-line marketing. 


Stick the Landing Page!

The landing page is an integral part of any content strategy but it is often misunderstood and poorly executed. At its simplest level the landing page is the web page someone sees after clicking a lin

Top 5 Best Practices for Content Attribution Etiquette

I recently did a creative project for a non-profit that was posted on their website. Through the years I have often worked as a “gun for hire” and understand that sometimes you do work and should only

Local Businesses MUST Embrace Mobile Marketing for the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week I had an opportunity to speak to a group of local business people at an event sponsored by Discover Burien. Burien is a small town just south of Seattle and most of the businesses were local

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Platforms and Solutions

Solutions and platforms for on-line eCommerce, marketing and business.
Certified HubSpot Partner
Hootsuite Solution Partner
MailChimp email marketing
The premier online platform for content management, inbound marketing, customer relation management.
BigCommerce is the leading cloud eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands. Online stores built on BigCommerce have higher traffic, better conversion and superior performance.
Social media management for small businesses. Manage all your social networks, schedule hundreds of posts, and measure the impact of your campaigns. 
MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. 15 million customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use MailChimp to express themselves to the world.
Brightpearl inventory management
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
WordPress Websites
Website Design

Website Design

At the center of every on-line marketing campaign is your website. It must look and work great to achieve your goals. Your blog, calls-to-action and contact forms must work together to attract and convert visitors, The site must work on computers, tablets, and mobile phones and must be optimized for SEO.
I have built websites on WordPress, BigCommerce and HubSpot and integrated them with social media, eCommerce and marketing tools. For more information see my blogs on website building.
Content marketing

Content Marketing

What attracts visitors is content: blogs, newsletters, emails, e-books and video. Content must be created with your customer in mind and built around the key words and topics they are searching for. Content creation is not a one-off project but is on-going and builds on your customer's needs. I can write your content, or I can work with you to build a content marketing plan built around your keywords, your customers and your goals. For more information about content marketing see some of my blogs.

Tim steps up and never steps down. He initially provided advice and assistance on how to get started…. so then I brought him in to build websites. He started writing, doing our blogs, newsletters and email blasts, then content update, marketing, sales monitoring, email monitoring, website management, customer communication and support....and the list goes on. Tim has the background and experience to fill every unique niche that needs filling. Tim is relentless in his pursuit of perfection, he is untiringly devoted to every project and is the best investment any company could make no matter what your size. Obviously, I am a very satisfied client.

Tracy Heims Power Support International, Inc.

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Video Production

Video Production

Over 35 years of experience in television production has given me experience in all aspects of the video production process including script writing, directing, producing, videography and editing. Video creation does not need to be expensive or complicated. But thought and planning is necessary, even for simple productions. I can edit digital video and work with talented videographers across the country. For some of my thoughts on video read my blogs or take a look at some samples of my work.
Management Services

Management Services

Building a website or writing content is only part of the project. Content, SEO, and mailing lists are built over time. Marketing efforts must be analyzed and refined. The essence of any inbound marketing campaign is analyzing your results and building on what works. Many of my clients are on a monthly retainer were I can work with and advise them or I can directly manage their inbound marketing campaigns. Here is a little more information from my blogs. I would love to talk to you. Fill out the form below and I'll get in touch.

Tim Lorang is the person you want to work with to get things done. His years of experience with media including video, editorial, website, social media, and all the stuff it takes between the lines really shines through with every project. Tim understands the art of language, optimization, media quality, presentation, and campaigning so everything looks its best in the business. We’ve been working with Tim for many years, and use a fluid approach of setting long term goals and then honing in with monthly tasks. Team work and frequent communication is a big part of our success. We also rely on Tim as our IT emergency help and he is on the spot when things happen. Definitely a smart investment.

Sara Williams Let's Go Aero, Inc.

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