Website Redesign for
Small Businesses and
Sole Proprietors

Many small businesses and sole proprietors feel that their website is just not performing and think that they need a website redesign. But many businesses waste time and money redesigning their websites with the wrong goals in mind. The goal of this e-book is to show what is really important when considering a website redesign. 

We cover 7 easy steps to make your website more effective:

  1. Determine Whether a Website Redesign is Right for You
  2. Insure that your Website's Assets are in Order and Safe
  3. Formatting Your Homepage
  4. Focus on Continuous Original Content that Attracts and Converts
  5. Formatting Your Landing Pages
  6. Conduct Conversion Experiments
  7. Review Your Metrics on Visitors and Leads

It is possible to be smarter and spend less while building a website that attracts traffic and converts new customers. This can be achieved by abandoning old concepts of marketing and adopting new techniques designed to work with the way people now work, live and shop on the Internet. 

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