Free Evaluation for Nonprofits and Educational Organizations

As a professional in an educational or nonprofit organization you understand how important it is to reach your audience in the most cost efficient way possible. Traditional methods of marketing such as direct mail, telemarketing and paid ads cost more than social media and online marketing. There are more efficient ways to connect with your community. At Image Media Partners we have worked in educational institutions and nonprofits and want to provide a free analysis and consultation for your web site. This analysis of you website will include:

  • Analysis of your blog
  • Pages indexed for search engines
  • Search Engine Optimization for website
  • Metadata
  • Keywords
  • Image use best practices
  • Inbound Links
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Use of Video
  • Conversion
  • Traffic Ranking

This analysis is provided for free to on profit and educational organizations. Please fill out the form on the right and I will contact you for your free analysis.