New & Updated eBook:
Search Engine Optimization for YouTube Videos

Because YouTube has been making updates and changes to its video interface and Google has been improving the search capabilities for videos, we have made some dramatic updates and improvements to our popular eBook: Search Engine Optimization for YouTube Videos.

In our new and updated eBook you will still learn:

  • The 4 areas you must optimize for YouTube Search Engines
  • The difference between Tags and Keywords and how to enter them
  • How you can make your video description drive traffic to your website
  • How to choose the Video Thumbnail
  • How to use YouTube Analytics to find the keywords that lead viewers to your video

In addition the updated eBook covers:

  • Adding Closed Captions to your Video
  • How to download and edit your video’s Automated Caption File
  • How to use Closed Captions to improve SEO
  • Changes in the YouTube Interface
  • Using Video for Inbound Marketing
  • Putting Calls-to-Action in your Video
  • How to find out how long people view your video

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