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Why we do Inbound Marketing instead of Outbound Marketing

By Timothy Lorang November 9, 2011

Regular readers of Partner Views Blog know that we are proponents of Inbound Marketing as opposed..

The Social Mom and Mobile Marketing

By Timothy Lorang November 7, 2011

A recent study Nielsen did for Women of Tomorrow highlighted the growing influence women have on..

Does your QR Code go to a Mobile Site?

By Timothy Lorang October 24, 2011

One of the frustrations that often come up concerning QR Codes is after someone scans the code the..

10 Ways to Use Mobile Videos with QR Codes

By Timothy Lorang October 5, 2011

The main job of the QR Code is to bring someone, such as your potential customer, from the..

Riding the QR Code Technology Wave

By Timothy Lorang October 3, 2011

Since I started blogging about QR Codes I am often asked how long will QR Codes last? This is..

Beyond Google for Local Internet Marketing

By Timothy Lorang September 28, 2011

During the past couple of weeks I’ve been mining data from The Social Media Report, Q3 2011 by The..

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