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10 Ways to Use Mobile Videos with QR Codes

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Grocho Marx QRCodesThe main job of the QR Code is to bring someone, such as your potential customer, from the physical world to the online world. In my blog “30 or more Uses for QR Codes in Marketing” I talked about many of the ways you can use QR Codes. One very powerful tool you can use with QR Codes is mobile phone videos. You can link directly to a YouTube video for example or to a mobile landing page with an embedded mobile video or a link to a mobile video. The big advantage of linking to a mobile landing page is that you can update or change the mobile video when needed. Here is my list of what kind of mobile videos your QR Code could link to.

  1. Real estate: The QR Code on a realtor’s sign or house listing could link to a mobile video or a slide show that showcases the house. Has the house been sold? Change the mobile video to highlight a similar house for sale in the neighborhood.
  2. Movie and Play Poster: Link to the movie trailer. Local or community theaters could shoot a short scene or musical number from the play to feature for the mobile phone video.
  3. Product Reviews: Has your product been reviewed by a video blogger online? Link your QR Code to the review. Online product reviews are very popular for wines, beers, restaurants, software, and technology products.
  4. Bands: A QR Code on your poster can link to your latest music video or live performance. Your next letter to a booking agent can feature a QR Code linking to a mobile video featuring your band’s live performance.
  5. How to Videos: Do you have a “How To” video for your product? Put the QR Code on the packing slip and link your customer directly to the video.
  6. Fashion Show: Bring fashions to life in your mail-order catalogue or ad so potential buyers can see the clothes on live models.
  7. Product Demonstrations: Use an in store QR Code that shows the buyer on their mobile phone how the product is used. Show the fly rod in action or the benefits of that nifty kitchen utensil.
  8. Product Information: Present a video background of your product. Imagine if the QR Code on the bottle of wine went to a mobile video of the vintner in the field talking about the grape that made the wine you are now drinking. He could also make other recommendations for other wines. In another example the president of the company can give their personal guarantee for the product the customer is now holding.
  9. Car and Motorcycle Dealers: Not only can you show the vehicle in action you can show safety and driving features as only a video can.
  10. Cooking Shows and Recipes: Take advantage of the popularity of cooking shows and with a cooking show about your ingredient. How about a restaurant who’s chef gives cooking tips from a QR Code in an ad or on the menu?

Use the video to give information, add value or to close the sale. Be sure to give a call to action such as buying the product, visiting the website or signing up for more information. Reward those who watched the mobile video with a coupon or a special deal. Remember, the beauty of QR Codes is that you can update the information without changing the code as long as you link to a dedicated mobile landing page. Have you sold out of a particular product or made updates? Tell the customer about the new features or upgrade and direct them to take action.

It is best to remember that people will be watching the video on their mobile phones. Keep the mobile video short so it is easy to load onto the phone. Don’t make it too complex and keep the audio simple, they probably will not be watching this in their living room with a great sound system. Be sure the mobile video is optimized for a mobile device. A good starting point would be a 640 x 480 .mp4 or .wmv file. By all means test the video on several mobile phones and see how it plays.

How are you using mobile video and QR Codes? What has been the response? Tell us what you are doing and put some links below in the comments section.

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