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YouTube Auto Caption will Increase SEO for YouTube Videos

By Timothy Lorang February 27, 2012
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YouTube and Google have been making changes and improvements in how you can optimize your..

Dilbert's take on “Black Hat” SEO and Link Building

By Timothy Lorang June 24, 2011

I usually try to post two to three blogs per week and even though I feel very strongly that the..

How To Use LinkedIn InMaps and Skills

By Timothy Lorang May 6, 2011

I have been exploring LinkedIn a lot these past couple of weeks and I would like to leave you on..

How to Use LinkedIn Today and Signal

By Timothy Lorang May 4, 2011

The other day I gave five reasons why I like LinkedIn for my professional online profile. Another..

5 Reasons to Have Your Professional Online Profile on LinkedIn

By Timothy Lorang May 2, 2011

Last week we've been blogging about managing your online professional profile. I had given a..

5 Tips for SEO Link Building

By Timothy Lorang April 20, 2011

In Monday’s blog I talked about the importance of SEO link building. Inbound links to your site..

The importance of SEO Link Building

By Timothy Lorang April 18, 2011

This past week I’ve had several discussions with clients and on behalf of clients about inbound..

Key Word Myths and Social Media Marketing

By Timothy Lorang April 15, 2011

I have had a lot of conversations over past couple of years about social media and online..

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