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The Holistic Approach to Your Social Media Strategy

By Timothy Lorang April 11, 2011

When I talk to people about online social media they tend to think of one of the popular platforms..

Categories for YouTube Video

By Timothy Lorang January 12, 2011

Reading Blogs about SEO for YouTube

This last week I’ve posted several blogs on optimizing SEO for..

Optimizing your online Video title

By Timothy Lorang January 6, 2011

SEO Your Title

While it is important to have a snappy, memorable title to your video it is just..

Keywords and Tags for your YouTube Video

By Timothy Lorang December 31, 2010

SEO is important for videos

Just as keywords are an important part of optimizing your web page and..

Four Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos

By Timothy Lorang December 29, 2010

Like your web page and your blog posts, your YouTube Videos should be optimized for search..

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