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Increasing your Conversion Rate is the Goal of Your Website Redesign

By Timothy Lorang January 4, 2012

For the past few weeks we have been looking at what to consider when you redesign your website...

When You Redesign Your Website Keep Your Assets Safe

By Timothy Lorang December 12, 2011
Recently we have been considering website redesign. It is important to be sure you are..

Should You Redesign Your Website?

By Timothy Lorang December 5, 2011

Small businesses often spend a lot of time and money redesigning their website only to be..

Why we do Inbound Marketing instead of Outbound Marketing

By Timothy Lorang November 9, 2011

Regular readers of Partner Views Blog know that we are proponents of Inbound Marketing as..

Your Customer’s Profile and Social Media Behavior

By Timothy Lorang September 21, 2011

How does your customer use social media? How should you use social media in your customer..

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