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826B NW 49th Street
Seattle, WA 98107

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Populuxe Brewing

Most family friendly brewery in Seattle

If you are strolling down a quiet side street in Ballard, NW 49th to be exact, and you walk by a small, bright blue building with hop vines stretching to the roof, and you smell a savory mixture of grilled kebabs or Coney Island style hot dogs, and you hear children playing you are probably standing in front of Populuxe Brewing. To be sure take a peak over the fence. If you see kids scampering about, playing cornhole or chasing their dog around the large outdoor courtyard while their parents sit by an open fireplace sipping a fresh summer ale or queuing up to the food truck, you will know that you at Populuxe. You don't need to have a kid or a dog to go in. Just go up the steps through the front door, order a beer and go out back to enjoy the pleasant afternoon. 

If this seems like the most family friendly brewery in Seattle it is because the goal of owner and brew master Peter and his wife Amy was to make it the most family friendly. Peter, along with many of the other brewery owners in the Ballard area, was in a home brewer's club together.  Like the other home brewers, his avocation became an actual brewery, mostly to share with family and friends. After being open just a few days his beer barrels were dry. It turns out if you brew great beer your friends and family grow exponentially. Populuxe increased supply to meet demand and they provided plenty of a space for the entire family to enjoy. 

When asked what types of beer he brews, Peter answered that it depends on what ingredients he has on hand. He builds a beer around the selection of hops and malts available. It must work because Populuxe has won a number of gold medals. You may not find the same beer every time you visit but every time you visit you will find an excellent beer. 

Food TruckFood Truck
Yes: Fri & Sat
Beer to goBeer to Go
Growlers, Kegs
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Cider, Soft Drinks
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Covered & heated
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