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Why I am Dedicating a Blog to Video

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Sun, Jun 30, 2013 @ 02:43 AM

Timothy J Lorang and Karel Video ProductionWhen I started Image Media Partners back in 2009 I had over thirty years of experience in video production. Much of that experience was in educational or academic television. I was the Production Manager for the University of Washington’s video production department and oversaw its transformation from a limited classroom support service to nationally recognized educational television production facility. I worked with the ResearchChannel, a pioneer in free educational video that in the days before YouTube and MOOCs had the biggest library of free educational video on the internet, some of it in HDTV. In fact we were the first ones to stream HD video over the internet back in the olden days of 1999.

The original intent of Image Media Partners was to be at the convergence of art and technology which in my mind at that time meant the art and technology of online video. However our world expands, we are introduced to new ideas and the hard lines we have established become blurred. Videos needed to be posted and promoted while success and analytics needed to be measured in new ways. Being a generalist with innate curiosity I was naturally drawn to everything going on in the world of the Internet. To me any way to tell the story is legitimate. Designing websites and writing blogs that attracted readers and web traffic is just as challenging as producing a great video. In the 1990s I was working with a team who was trying to figure out the best way to stream video over the internet while most people still had dial-up connections. That sense of exploring new ideas made it so that when I started working with clients I needed to go beyond getting their video up online and started working in all aspects of online media and marketing.

Online marketing, inbound marketing, social media, ecommerce and websites are still an important part of Image Media Partners. Video has always been important. Just take a look at some of the blogs I’ve written about video over the years. However, when you throw everything into the same crock pot it becomes hard to taste the individual flavors. Image Media Partners has established its reputation in online marketing but I did not want to lose our traditional connection with video. There is certainly a lot of overlap between video, online video and online marketing but many people approach these subjects from different perspectives. I want to make it easier for those clients who know me primarily for online marketing to find the content that they need and to make it easier for those who know me for video production to find the content they need. That is why I am now starting a separate video blog.

I am not in any way changing the emphasis or structure of Image Media Partners. We will still work with clients on inbound and online marketing as well as social media, and we will continue to work with clients on video, online video and educational video. My hope is that now people will be able to more easily find the content they are looking for.

If you have any questions about what Image Media Partners can do for you please contact us. If you have any comments about our new video blog let me know. 

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