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HubSpot3: An Integrated Inbound Marketing Solution

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 07:30 AM

HubSpot3Today at Inbound 2012 HubSpot unveiled the latest stage in the evolution of their platform from a series of applications for blogging, social media, SEO, email and lead generation and management into a completely integrated inbound marketing platform: HubSpot3. In development for over a year this new version replaces the hassle associated with online marketing with a single, intelligent platform that puts marketers in control and adapts to prospect’s needs over time.

The New HubSpot3

A number of new tools, upgrades and improvements have been added to the blogging software; customer management system (CMS); search engine and on-page optimization tools (SEO); marketing analytic tools; and social media marketing to make up the complete, integrated, HubSpot3 inbound marketing platform.

    • Contact history 450Contacts Database: Your sales funnel is only as good as your contacts list and the Contacts Database is now the brain of the new integrated inbound marketing system. The profiles of your prospects, leads and customers automatically adapt to changing preferences and interactions on your company’s website.
    • email templates 450Email: With a host of new templates and an easier, more intuitive interface, HubSpot’s email system can now stand up against the best of the independent email programs. When integrated with the new contacts database, workflows (see below), social media, dynamic content, your company’s CRM system and greater personalization and Landing page outcomesdeliverability options it is an amazing lead generation and prospect nurturing tool.
    • Workflows: More than a simple email automation tool Workflows leverages the data in the Contacts Database and using a set of rules set Smart CTA  Lifecycleup by the marketer, creates dynamically evolving contact segments and automated marketing actions. With Workflows the marketer can trigger campaigns, change contact profile properties, score leads, send notifications and sync leads to your CRM system based on a predetermined set of conditions and lead actions.
    • Twitter Interactions ViewLanding Pages: Long a key element in HubSpot’s inbound marketing system, landing pages have gotten a major rebuild with an improved interface and new templates. They are now even more closely integrated with the Contacts Database, email and social media. For users of HubSpot Salesforce integration 450Enterprise, A/B testing for landing pages is now a built-in feature.
    • Smart Forms: Are you tired of filling out the same long forms the third or fourth time you download something from a website? Well so are your prospects. As your Contact Database gathers more information from your prospects the Smart Forms will adapt to repeat visitors giving them shorter, easier forms.
    • Smart CTA’s: It is really silly to present a Call-To-Action to a repeat visitor who has already completed that action. Built off the Contacts Database the Smart CTAs adapt to reflect the interests and stored qualities of the person viewing them.
    • Smart Lists: You can segment your Contact Database into any number of dynamic lists based on the values you define. Do you want to keep a list of people who first visited you through a link on LinkedIn and move them off as soon as they sign up for a webinar? Piece of cake.
    • Social Media: Now social media information is directly integrated into the Contacts Database giving you valuable information on a lead’s social activity and giving you ways to engage your most active social media followers. Add to that new Facebook and Twitter applications that enable you to view, follow and engage in social media interactions.
    • Mobile App: The free Apple app will enable marketers to keep tabs on their lead generation and customer conversions and view Sources, Marketing Grader and Contacts. One would suppose that an Android App is not far behind.
    • Salesforse.com Integration: There are a number of CRM platforms that will work well with HubSpot but Salesforce has teamed up with HubSpot to make this team combination unstoppable.

These new tools are available today to new HubSpot customers. Current customers will be getting updates to these tools and applications over the next few months. It is a little tricky moving a database over to the new tools but it will be worth the wait. You can find out more about the migration at the Customer Migration Center. You can also find a set of Customer FAQs at http://www.hubspot.com/migration-faq

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a closer look at many of these new tools and how they can be used for inbound marketing. If you have been curious about inbound marketing and about HubSpot in particular contact us for a free inbound marketing evaluation. If you have any questions about HubSpot let us know in the comments section below. 

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