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7 Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

This week I personally experienced the frustration of trying to download some online content where I wasn’t sure where to sign up, the form was not taking my information and after the order I could not find my PDF file to download. Dysfunctional landing pages are bad enough but when I talk to website owners I am always amazed at how many do not have any landing pages at all. In a recent study by HubSpot and presented in my eBook, Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses, websites with over 31 landing pages get 7 times more leads than websites with less than 5, while websites with over 40 landing pages get 12 times more leads. It seems silly that websites that are trying to get leads and new customers would not have any landing pages.

As a reminder landing pages are specific pages where website visitors sign up to get premium content such as an eBook or white paper. Considering the importance of Landing Pages I wanted to cover some formatting tips to increase landing page conversion, I go into how to set up a landing page in some detail in my blog, Stick the Landing Page.

Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion

  1. Clear Headline: When visitors get to the landing page the headline should be clear and direct.
  2. Hide website navigation: You do not want to distract the visitor from filling out the form or have them navigate away from the page.
  3. Description should be clear, simple, and concise: One company found that they had a 32% conversion rate with a longer description. When they cut it down, they increased their conversion rate to 53%.
  4. Keep the form above the fold: Do not increase friction by making people search for the form, it should be in view when the visitor lands on the page
  5. Keep Lead Capture Form Short: The form should capture just enough information to engage the visitor, at least their name and email address, but long enough so that you get the information you need to qualify the lead. For example, do you really need their zip code?
  6. Keywords Optimized: Like any other content on your website your landing page should be optimized for keywords and search engines
  7. Go directly to Download Page: After filling out the form the visitor should be able to download the content and receive a thank you right away. Put some social sharing buttons here and on your content that publicizes the landing page.

You should add as many landing pages as you can. To maximize efficiency, consider how fast you can launch a new landing page. You should be able to prepare and launch a new landing page in 15 minutes. For more detailed information HubSpot has a great blog on Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing.

Also see my recent blog on Stick the Landing Page. 

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