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The History of Marketing: Where Inbound Marketing Fits [Infographic]

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 @ 04:08 AM

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history of marketing titleThis great Infographic on the History of Marketing just came out from HubSpot and I had to share it. My blog has been involved in the various aspects of online marketing, mobile marketing and Inbound Marketing and this Infographic lays out a great timeline on the history of marketing and where Inbound Marketing fits in. Most of the space on this timeline is taken up with the last 90 years because the innovations and technologies of the Twentieth Century have been behind much of the changes in marketing. The last 20 years of the digital age has seen a tremendous number of changes but the last eight or so years has been the Age of Inbound Marketing.

The game changer has been the ability to share information and engage your potential customers on the internet. Providing valuable information, sharing that information via social networks and attracting potential clients to your website is the essence of inbound marketing. This Infographic goes into a lot of detail and I think you’ll enjoy poking around in it a bit.

I want to thank HubSpot for putting this together and giving me an opportunity to share it with you. Image Media Partners has been partnered with HubSpotfor the past year and even though they didn’t invent Inbound Marketing, I believe their platform is one of the best ways to implement Inbound Marketing. Enjoy the Infographic and share it with your friends.

History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic

Photo Credit: HubSpot

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