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Using DIY and UGC Online Video

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Mon, Apr 04, 2011 @ 03:00 AM

Queen Bohemian Rapsody LEGOS example of UGC online videoI am sometimes asked about what I think of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos and User Generated Content (UGC) videos especially since UGC is #9 in our e-book: 10 Things You Can Do with Video on the Internet. Sometimes these terms are tossed around as if they are the same thing so I am going to make a distinction.

User Generated Content

UGC video is video that is produced for something or someone and there is no expectation of getting paid for it. For example fans who make music videos of their favorite songs or commercials for their favorite products. An example would be Bohemian Rhapsody LEGO where Krikonn made a video of the popular Queen song using Legos. I am sure that neither Legos nor Queen paid Krikonn for the video but I suspect that both benefitted from it.

Sometimes companies harness the power of their fans by enlisting them to make videos for them. The Johnson & Johnson Health Channel on YouTube gives parents a place to upload videos about some of the more common tasks of child rearing. A couple of my favorites are Buzz Cuts for Kids and Kids Doing Laundry.

Another great way to get UGC is to have a video contest. In the past I’ve worked with Zooppa.com, a company that manages video contests for companies and organizations. Here is one of my favorites for a contest sponsored by Universal Studios: Animal Control. Here is a video by Jordan Lederman, the 9 year old winner of a contest to promote science by the Department of Education: I Am What I Learn.

Some of these videos are clearly by amateurs while others have a fair amount of imagination and production values. Harnessing your fans to produce videos is a great way to connect with them, create buzz and get new content. I would do these if I have clear objectives in mind and not as a way to save money on professional productions.

Do It Yourself

DIY videos I would categorize as those videos that you do instead of hiring a professional. With the ever decreasing price point for good video production equipment it is possible for many of us to make our own videos. And many of us have the skills to make videos that can be used on the internet. For example doing a quick video blog, a simple how-to video or posting a webinar are great. My caveat would be not to do it yourself if the purpose of the video demands a higher quality production. For example if you are a professional company or organization your video needs to look professional. An amateur production would be worse than no video at all.

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