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5 Sources of Content for Business Video Lectures

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Wed, Mar 23, 2011 @ 03:00 AM

Business Video LecturesI have often blogged about using videotaped lectures online, how TED does a good job of videotaping lectures, or techniques for recording a lecture with one camera and editing the lecture. For those who don’t like “talking heads” I’ve even suggested 10 other ways to use video on the internet. However I often champion videotaped lectures not because they are the most compelling video format (although they can be very compelling) but because compared to many other video formats they are cost effective and a good way to get a lot of content online at a reasonable cost. There is more bang for the buck providing that you do it right.

Academic institutions have been lecturing for thousands of years and videotaping lectures for over 50 years. Businesses and nonprofits miss many opportunities to record lectures and use them online as part of their YouTube Channel, website or online video marketing efforts. These videotaped lectures can benefit their staff, help their customers or promote their business. Here are 5 sources for videotaping lectures or presentations that you may be overlooking:

  1. Conference Presentations: Whether you are hosting the conference or sending faculty or staff to speak at the conference, use the videotape of the talk as a resource for your business. Do you want more control? Videotape the speaker before they go to the conference. This gives the speaker practice and you get content.
  2. Company’s Annual Meeting: Does your company have an annual meeting? Capture the presentations and post them as a resource for the staff or edit them down and use the tape as a marketing tool for potential customers.
  3. Product Demonstrations and Training: Does your sales or support staff often give product or service talks or demonstrations? Record these lectures and use them for customer support.
  4. Papers and Research: Academics often use the lecture format to present papers, research and findings. Does your business generate information that can be used by others? If you often publish white papers you can record a lecture by the white paper’s authors.
  5. Promote your staff: Do you want to promote the expertise of your staff or maybe the company’s President? Video tape and promote their presentation on the web as an example of what clients can expect when they invite them to speak or hire your company.

Short, compelling videos can be used on YouTube to drive clients to your site; authoritative lectures can be used to enhance your company’s reputation; motivational talks can inspire your staff; training lectures can be used as a resource by your customers. Many times a videotaped lecture will fill in the gaps untill a more highly produced video can be made or it may even replace the need for a more expensive video. Good production values and an interesting message are still necessary but lectures still have a use as online video.

I would like to hear about how you use video lectures online. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. If you are interested in a free evaluation of how your company is using video online please contact us at Image Media Partners.

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