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Why are you using online video?

Posted by Timothy Lorang on Thu, Nov 11, 2010 @ 06:02 PM

Coca Cola by KB35Often when I talk to clients they will tell me that they desperately want to use video on the internet. I will then ask them why. WHY? Because they just HAVE to use video, it’s important. Why do they HAVE to use video? Why is it important? Because….

The truth is most people don’t know why they need to use video. And if they don’t know why they are using video they don’t know HOW to use video and they don’t know WHAT type of video they should use. Not only does the WHY determine the HOW and WHAT but also the WHERE and the WHO.

Video is great for achieving many goals but you must have goals first. Then determine if video can help you achieve those goals and then what are the best ways to use video to achieve those goals.

Let’s take a brief review of some of the goals where video can be used as a solution.

Raise awareness of your brand or cause.  The goal is not to drive traffic to your site but just make people aware of you name, brand or cause. This is the classic role of broadcast advertising. Coca Cola never has to say what it is, it just needs to remind people that it is there. Sometimes this is used to introduce a brand or name to a wider audience. This helps establish some type of familiarity in the audience so that they will be more receptive to calls to action at a later date. These types of videos work best as off-site or viral videos rather than on your web site.

Lead or traffic generating videos are similar to awareness videos only in that they are often off-site or viral videos. The difference is that they have a clear call to action. You have a clear message and a desired outcome for the viewer. The video leads the viewer to a specific action, usually visiting your web site to get more information, buy something or donate.

Conversion videos are usually on your website on your home or landing page. Having a video on your landing page has been shown to increase conversions even if the visitor doesn’t watch the video. The purpose of this video is to convert the visitor into a customer or donor.

Retaining customers can be achieved by using onsite educational or support videos. For example if you sell a product the video may be instructions on how to use the product. If you are a nonprofit the video may show how you use the donations to continue your work. These videos may be available only to paying customers in a password protected area of your website or accessible to anyone. They may even be off-site, for example on your branded YouTube Channel, to show potential customers how to use your product or to provide valuable information that keeps visitors returning.

So the question should be WHAT are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? Then ask if video can help you accomplish these goals. Do not use video just to use video. Have a goal in mind with a clear outcome.

You can download a Free e-book about different types of online videos and how to use them on the internet. Just follow this link for: 10 things you can do with video on the Internet.

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