Television Production, Social Media Consulting, a little of this and a bit of that.

I am a television producer, writer and director and I now work on selected television projects and as a consultant for on-line video and social media marketing.  I’ve worked in television since I graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1976. You can see and download my resume here or you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

After all these years it’s been difficult to save all the programs I’ve worked and that’s a good thing, most of its not that exciting. You can get an idea of what I’ve done by going to my video page.  You can also see some of the awards I’ve won on this page.

Mark Sparks and me on location shooting "Beer & Ale" 1990

Mark Sparks and me on location shooting "Beer & Ale" 1990

But what this space is really for is a platform for discussing television, production, on-line video, social media, and other random things I’m thinking about. This will be a little looser and more relaxed than my official business site for Image Media Partners.

Tim at his first full time TV Job

Me, in the center, on the set of KOBI-TV about 1979.

Why I like working in TV. On location in Talquapalca, Mexico for "Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa" in 2006.

Connect with me via the links in the upper right side of  this page. At the bottom of this page is way to send me a message. I’ll even give you my e-mail address: (I know, it’s the only one I can remember.) You can even sign up for our newsletter on the right side.

I plan to provide resources, videos, downloads, and slide shows, as well as important and hopefully useful links here on this site. Let me know what you think.

I am looking forward to our discussions and to working with you. Feel free to contact me.