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Help us make Santa's Visit Special

In order to make Santa's visit as special as possible Santa needs a little information about your visit so we can make it great. The form on the right will help us plan for your event. Fill out the form and we will get back to you with confirmation of your visit and a budget. When you confirm the time and budget Santa's bookkeeping elf will send an invoice. 

Contact Information

Please let us know who you are, how to contact you if we have any questions and please let us know where you would like to have visit Santa.

When do you want Santa to visit?

Did you check Santa's availability calendar? Check it out and see if Santa is available when you need him. It would be a good idea to tentatively book the time in the calendar and we'll hold that till we confirm your booking. Go to Santa's Calendar now to hold the time. 

Even with eight tiny reindeer and a flying sleigh Santa will need to consider traveling time and figure out parking. Through Christmas Santa will be operating out of Seattle and your location and the time of the event is important to know.

Santa and his entourage!

Santa is a pretty independent guy and will be happy to come out to your event by himself. But Santa has a lot of family and friends and he would love to bring them along. For more information about Santa's friends and how to budget for a visit please take a look our visit description page or our pricing page. Please note that pricing changes after Thanksgiving and may vary depending upon the day. Please look at the Pricing Page for more details. 

  • Santa Claus is part of every visit and believe me he is the real thing, with a real beard and curly white hair. Santa is a Jolly Ol' Elf with his own special Santa Chair and big red bag ready to fill with toys. Santa loves to sit down and have kids of all ages on his lap so they can tell him their secret wishes for Christmas. Santa's jolly, booming voice and friendly smile is appreciated at public and business events for children of all ages.
  • Photographers capture memories for Christmas and for the ages. You can, of course, take your own photos and mobile phone selfies with Santa but if you want something special Santa works with Anita Nowacka, one of Seattle's premier family and event photographers. For more information visit our Photography page.
  • Mrs. Claus loves to come out and visit the children and is Santa's soul mate. Mrs. Clause makes any event special.
  • Krampus is a Christmas tradition common in Europe who punishes naughty boys and girls. Our Krampus is quickly won over by the well-behaved children and may end up reading them a story.
  • Elves help out Santa and help keep children occupied and organized. Santa's elf is always a help, especially for big events.
  • Motorcycle or Red Scooter: Depending upon the weather Santa can make an entrance on a black 1600cc Vulcan Drifter or a cute little red scooter.

What type of event will Santa attend?

Let Santa know what type of event you would like him to attend. Is it a family event? For kids or adults? For your business or company party? Use the final box to tell us anything special about the event.  

Santa's Elf will confirm your visit!

If we have any questions one of Santa's elves will contact you. Then we will send you a visit confirmation and an invoice. For terms and conditions and our cancellation policy please visit our terms and conditions page.  


Tell us about what will make Santa's visit special.