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Santa's Visit

What to expect when Santa visits

I have been working as Santa Claus for a major department store in downtown Seattle for the past six years. I can't give its name but a major Hollywood movie was made about me and the store on 34th Street in New York City. I enjoy meeting children of all ages and getting everyone into the Holiday Spirit. Here is what to expect from a visit from Santa.

  • Where does Santa visit? I am based in Seattle but will visit any place in the Puget Sound region depending upon my schedule and travel time. See pricing for travel outside of Seattle.
  • What does Santa do when he visits? This depends entirely upon your needs. We will work that out before the visit but can include: sitting and posing for photos; listening to children's and adults Christmas wishes on Santa's lap; reading Christmas stories; handing out presents; and spreading good cheer.
  • Does Santa bring presents? Santa's elves are busy making presents at the North Pole and they will not be ready for your event. If you would like to have Santa hand out presents, candy canes or cookies please have them ready when Santa arrives. He has a big red sack ready.
  • Does Santa ride his sleigh and reindeer to the event? There are traffic rules in this state prohibiting that, but he will drive a car, or a motorcycle for special events. Santa will need designated parking close to your event, he's not as young as he once was and he has a lot to carry. 
  • Where will Santa sit? Santa has his own. portable Santa Chair that he will bring. It would be great if you have a special place to set it up.
  • NORPAC Santa member
    NORPAC is a professional Santa Clause organization in the Pacific Northwest. Background check available upon request. 
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